What does Badmaash Company brings to the plate?

Does it serve the purpose? What has the name got to do with the movie? Yep! All these arise when you see the trailer of this movie Bigg Boss 16 Full Episode. Badmaash Company is decent in the sense that it connects well to the youth of today as the story talks on the lines which will definitely relate to the adolescents. Shahid Kapoor is zooming ahead and soaring if not with his movies but at least with his performances in the world of Bollywood.

The story focuses on four friends who dream about making it big and earning tons of money. And they all have one thing in common. They all want the good life fast, any which way, and don’t mind breaking a few rules here and there Bigg Boss 16 Full Episode. No nine to five stiff-collared jobs for this Badmaash Company who may have been brought up with middle class values, yet they couldn’t care less before dumping them in the nearest trash can. They want to gain riches by conning and no hard work, smart work rather working aint the thing for them. Money they want and that too at the easiest way possible. They want to live a lavish life just by conning and using there intellect in front of less intellectual ones. Badmaash Company promises to be different than other Bollywood movies based on conning.

Well, the story looks hunky-dory nothing great about it but what’s good and alluring is the camaraderie shared by the actors on screen. Shahid as always gives a good attempt as his co star Anushka Sharma looked fabulous throughout the movie. Her charming look did create some pulsating milieu throughout the movie. Talking about Vir Das, he was exemplary in his role and he really tickles your funny bone throughout the movie. Meiyang Chang! Yes… what started off with crooning soon turned into acting for him. Chang was seen in the Indian Premiere League anchoring with the many celebrated commentators too. He does a commendable act in the movie. It seems Meiyang Chang has made his presence felt in Bollywood for sure.

The sets and location of the movie is typical Yash Raj style ie. Sleek. The panache and élan seen in Badmaash Company is just what the doctor ordered, with locations from Mumbai to Bangkok. Riveting scenes between the lead Shahid and Anushka makes the movie more like it.

The music of Badmaash Company didn’t gain so much prominence as it should have, but it has been heard off. Pritam has done a better job than this in his earlier movies so, a bit disappointing. Talking about the cinematography Sanjay Kapoor has done well to capture the middle-class Mumbai with credibility, though goes touristy with Manhattan. Although the story becomes predictable in most of the movie but it has its own share of fun n frolic.

However, the message that debutant director Parmeet Sethi has tried to pass on to the new generation is that, hardwork has no substitute and the road to success is not a shortcut one, but it is always hard work that pays, at the end of the day. Conning wont take you ahead in life but it’s by burning the midnight oil one earns a living. Only time will tell does the message really reach out to the youngsters. Shahid Kapoor desperately needs a HIT to stay in the competitive world of Bollywood. ‘I hate luv stories’ is the aphorism Imran Khan lives by and totally has faith in what he believes in. Imran Khan is the assistant director to Samir Soni who is most celebrated romantic filmmaker of Indian Film fraternity. Imran Khan has little option but to live with larger than life, glossy, cinematic love on an everyday basis. Hell breaks loose when Imran Khan has to get along with his new production designer Sonam Kapoor. Imran plays the role of Jay and Sonam Kapoor plays the role of Simran in the movie. And also to add to it, Sameer Dattani and Samir Soni also would be seen playing pivotal roles in the movie.

The music of the movie has been released and has connected well with the teen age. Musical duo Vishal-Shekhar has delivered one of their best ever. There are 5 original sound tracks in the film followed by 3 remixes.

It’s been sometime that Bollywood didn’t have a great movie reining at the box office. And after the not so good business of Kites, a lot is expected from IHLS. This will be Sonam Kapoor’s third release. Though she didn’t have a good run at the box office with both her former movies but she has become a crowd favorite as the people are longing to see more of her. Both her previous flicks Saawariya and Delhi 6 were big banner big budget movies and also a musically hit film. Akin to the previous ones IHLS also has the music which has already made an impact in the market. Hope this time apart from the music, even the movie does goes on to be a boon to her and mints some money at the box office.

Talking about Imran Khan he sure made an impact with his debut movie Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. But, after that he has really found it difficult to catch up with the competition. Both his previous movies Luck and Kidnapped bombed at the box office. But, then again… it’s the chocolate boy look that people loved and it’s the chocolate boy look that people will get in IHLS. Imran Khan is back in hunt with IHLS. Bollywood has waited quite long for a movie which projects love in a cynical manner yet so positive. Punit has given a fun treatment to the much ridiculed Bollywood romances. Nobody can deny the fact that Bollywood forever has been a domain for romance and love. Yet again the viewers will witness a one of a kind love story which i young, fresh, cheesy and will have all the ingredients of love.

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