The World of Natural and Spiritual Fruits

“The Holy Bible” is a binding of 66 small booklets in it. They are not like a stitched clothe, in which 66 pieces of cloth are stitched together to form clothe. Bible is like a knitted clothe without joint patches in it. 66 booklets are written by many authors, in different places, in different periods, yet Biblical words and verses are amazingly inter-linked to each other, to explain the details of all subjects, uniformity of God’s plans and purposes, secretes and truths of times and many more things!

I think, therefore, Jesus always wore knitted Gown to indicate symbolically, the words of true living God of creation called “The Bible” (While crucifying, Jesus’ gown was given by lots). Therefore “The Holy Bible” is amazingly unique book.

Only reading Bible is like a boat trip in a sea. You can enjoy only surface views around that sea, no doubt! Areal view over the same sea will show few more, additional details. General Bible survey is like that. But if you want to see the unseen views of the same sea, then you dive deep in that sea and enjoy hidden views in the bottom of the sea as well. It is harder, but can be beneficial; you may find a pearl, hidden in some shell there! Pearls are not found on the surface or in the air. They are always in depths. Bible study with reference Bible is like a deep diving, where the pearls of Biblical truths are hidden.

Human life is full of joys and sorrows. We become happy when things go right for us and become sad if they go wrong. If we compare moments of joys against sorrows, then we find the moments of sorrows are many more than the moments of joys; in every individual’s life. Sorrows can be in, big, bigger and biggest extents. It is only disaster, which make many people’s lives sorrowful, at a time. Disasters strike in great, greater and greatest extents, every now and then and make human lives miserable on 果籃 this planet. There are:- (A) Man made Disasters (B) Natural Calamities (C) Supernatural / from God / Biblical Judgments. Which is the greatest disaster in human history, occurred on the earth, so far? May occur in the future?

(A) Man made Disasters: – Arms and ammunition? 1st & 2nd world wars together? World war 3rd? Star wars?

(B) Natural Calamities: – Hurricanes? Worst Tsunami? Biggest earth quakes? Volcano eruptions? A fall of huge asteroid on earth? A fall of some planet or a fall of some star on the earth?

(C) Biblical Judgments: – Destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah? Noah’s flood? Murder of Son of God, Jesus Christ, on the cross by human beings? All end time disasters put together? First think over all above questions again. Then prepare your own answer. Then only read an answer bellow Answer: – I think, none of the “YES” answers given, for any question above is correct! Are you surprised? From my Biblical point of view, a very simple act of eating forbidden fruit by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden is “The only greatest disaster, ever occurred in the history of mankind”. I believe it is the only root cause of every sin/sorrow/calamity which struck/strike earth in any period – past / present / future. If I add together all above disasters, calculate their total impact, yet the same root cause pops up; at its base. In my personal Bible study, I found word “Fruit” is one of the most important Bible words in human lives. In my last article “Purpose of Human Creation on Earth” I have written following extra ordinary purposes of natural fruits in the Garden of Eden, when humans were created in imperishable earthen bodies by God.

(1) The only human food. Adam & Eve were nourished on varieties of fruits. In The Garden of Eden. Their main work was – They were gardeners in Eden. “Fruits” gave them job and food too!


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