Planning Online Courses – Discover Your Inner Expert and Dismiss the Imposter Syndrome!

If I asked you, just off the top of your head, what you are expert at, what would you say?

Perhaps modestly, you would decry that you are not an expert at anything. Alternatively, you might answer that you have some expertise, but who is going want to learn from you?

The Imposter Syndrome is something we have all suffered from. The feeling that you are not good enough, that others are better and smarter than you, better positioned to be taking the leading role. I am here to tell you that, categorically, that is not true. You are and will be a great instructor and many students are going to benefit from your knowledge and expertise.

The definition of expert, that I like the most, is “someone  a course in miracles  who knows more than you”. We are all experts.

When I was speaking on this topic at New Media Europe in September 2015 in Manchester on this topic, I asked my audience – How many of your are experts? Approximately half the room raised a hand. But when I asked, How many of you have a skill or an interest about which you probably know more than the random person sitting next to you? Many more hands were raised.

This is the point.

You have many skills and life experiences which you can share with others. The trick is to harness those skills in an organised and coordinated way.

I want you to take a piece of paper and create six columns. At the top of each column I want you to write the following headings:


  • Workplace Qualifications
  • Workplace Skills
  • Personal Skills
  • Experience
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Passions


Now I want you to spend 10 minutes writing down all the different topics under these headings which you feel you might be able to turn into a course. Let me give you some examples of my own.


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