How to Make A Spooky Halloween Cake

Halloween is the best time of year to pull out all the stops when it comes to cake decorating. Put on your creative cap and have fun with designs, colors and themes. best hhc gummies

I love to make spooky and rather gory cakes for Halloween. The scarier the better in my eyes! You can make a cute and beautiful cake any day of the week but it’s not every day that you can make a gooey brain cake with eyeballs popping out the side!

First things first, get some ideas rolling. How many people does your cake have to feed is a good one to start at. This will decide on how big you can go.

I always like to take a trip to my local grocery store and buy all the scariest Halloween candies I can find. There’s always gummy worms, chocolate eyeballs, body parts, spiders, glow in the dark skeletons, the list goes on!

While you’re there pick up a jar of red jelly or raspberry jam, this will come in handy for any edible blood you’ll be needing. Also think of marshmallows, sprinkles and pretzel sticks. These always make great props and cupcake toppers. Now that you’ve got all your goodies in hand you can start making your spooky Halloween cake. best hhc gummies

I think the most popular colors for Halloween are of course orange and black, deep purple and reds as well as browns and yellows. Stay away from any cheery pastel colors! You can always bring these colors out for Easter.

Do you want to make a sheet cake, a tiered cake or a 3D shaped cake? Here are some sheet cake ideas: Frankenstein and his wife, haunted house, pumpkin patch, ghosts and goblins. Here are some tiered cake ideas: Haunted graveyard with road going up, haunted house on top of hill, trick or treating, Here are some 3D cake ideas: Scary pumpkins, spooky skeletons, Frankenstein’s head, hand coming out of grave and of course beattlejuice.

If you know how to make cake pops there’s some really great tutorials on how to make some really scary Halloween cake pops.

Remember when you’re creating your scary Halloween Cake to go all out! Use whatever you can to make it spooky and spectacular. best hhc gummies Use candies, jellies, gummy candies, chocolate and any other toppers you can find. Get creative with colors and textures by using household items you already have in your cupboard, and most of all just have fun with it