How to Avoid Speeding Tickets & Hefty Fines

“But Officer, I was only going 70 in a 65mph zone, and I’ve never gotten a ticket before…can’t I have a warning?” Unfortunately, the answer has been an increasing, “No.” Drivers across the USA have been subject to the recession, but did you know that recession might be causing you extra speeding tickets?

Since cities and states are trying to fill budget gaps, an easy way to do so is with the revenue from traffic citations. Therefore, speeding tolerance is much lower and the frequency of a warning ticket is extremely low, as well. Chances are, if you’re pulled over for driving over the speed limit by even 5 or 10 mph – you’re getting a ticket!

How do you stop this? How do you outsmart the ticket-happy coppers and breeze through speed traps without being slapped with a hefty fine? The answer is as simple as a discreet box, also known as a radar detector. Top brands in the radar detector industry have been helping people speed past the fuzz for years. Escort and Beltronics radar detectors are some of highest quality radar detectors on the market. And, each Escort or Beltronics comes with everything you need to quickly install and confidently escape the quota-filling po-po.

Interested in setting your ride up with the Bodrum Escort best of the best, like a Beltronics or Escort? Let’s talk about some of their products. Escort detectors range from smaller detectors which install on your windshield or larger detectors which install within your vehicle’s cabin. Either way, Escort detectors are known to give you the best protection from speed traps and tickets than any other company in the biz. And, they are affordable too since they are for the everyday driver.

What about Beltronics radar detectors? They offer the same great protection with a few different models, including their Professional Series GX65. With this bad boy, you can say goodbye to false alarms and have complete control over your roadways.

And, once you’ve shielded your ride with the Escort or Beltronics, don’t forget to load up on some detector accessories! Everything from software, cords and mounting accessories are available and work with Belronics or Escort radar detectors.

Driving should be an enjoyable experience. Feel free to cruise the open road, even if your cruising is more like creeping above the speed limit, with the added confidence of having an Escort or Beltronics detector on board.


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