Fitted Kitchen Design Guide

If you want a new kitchen with zero hassle and minimum investment then your best option is to go for a fitted kitchen design. But with so many suppliers offering so many different kitchens, how can you possibly pick one? Here are some tips to help you narrow down the choice.

First of all, if you see a fitted kitchen you like the look of, ask for the full breakdown of the cost. Does it include fitting? How much does the fitting cost? It might well be that you can buy the parts from one company and then get it fitted by someone else for much cheaper. However, in most cases you get the best deal with an all-in-one package.

Always remember, a kitchen is a huge investment so make sure you’re dealing with well established and reputable suppliers. If you experience any problems, you want piece of mind knowing they’ll help you fix certain them. Ask them if they’re part of any trade associations such as the Kitchen Specialist Association.

A service that some suppliers offer is to send a member of staff round to your home on completion of the project to inspect the work and ensure you’re a hundred per cent happy with what has been done. Ask for this service if it isn’t offered as it is the perfect opportunity for you to voice concerns and point out errors.

As already pointed out, get your hands on that itemised bill. You always want to know exactly what you’re paying for and where your money is going.

Finally, when picking out your kitchen, don’t be fooled by the showroom. Its very easy to fall in love with the way a kitchen looks in the showroom, but that doesn’t mean it will look as good in your home. Think about your own space and imagine where things will fit in your kitchen and if it will be as visually effective.

These represent just a few bits of advice on planning and executing a Fitted kitchens. Make sure you do further research to ensure you avoid making serious mistakes.