Dating Without Drama Uncovered: Know Why He’s Not Calling You? Sit Down for the Shocking Truth!

Here’s Why Your Crush, Man, Boyfriend – Whomever He Is – Isn’t Calling YOU

Okay, so you’re on your first few dates or the first few months into a new relationship. Maybe you’ve talked about your ex-boyfriend a few times, or your ex-husband, if you’re rediscovering relationships after divorce. You feel you’re doing your best to follow all the hot new rules of dating for women, and want the experience of dating without drama. But no matter what happens, it seems like you’re just not able to hold on to a man for longer than you’d like to. You’re sick of starting over… and over and over, going through guy after guy trying to find your new Mr. Right.

So what’s going on?

We’ve all experienced our share of painful and crazy dating and  Dramacool  relationship drama, many times over for some of us. And while it’s nice to share your experiences with other people, the truth is that speaking up too soon will backfire in more ways than one. Now, the first rule to double your dating is to stop bringing up the drama you’ve had in the past, and start talking about the present! Put an interest in what’s right in front of you, so that your date can see you’re not dragging around enough baggage to pay heavy duty fees on an airline.

Now, it’s not that people don’t care about what you’ve been through, honey! Not at all! But there’s a problem when you’re going out with someone new, and all you can think about is what happened two years, two months – heck, even two weeks ago! That was exactly that – two weeks, months or years ago! It doesn’t bear repeating to every man you meet, especially when the goal of dating is to impress him – and him you – with who you are as individuals, not victims or survivors!

Relationships After Divorce: Get Your Game Face On!

Right now isn’t the time to impress your new beau with the war stories of busting windows out of your ex’s car, or tales of how you found him laid up with two scantily clad strippers in your bed when he thought you were away on vacation. You’re supposed to look your sexiest for a date, wearing a beautiful that makes you look feminine, beautiful and alluring.

Save the whiny, tell-alls for your girlfriends at Thursday night in-home social gatherings, and avoid the emotionally slutty ramblings with your new man until you trust him enough not to run off and he’s open enough to communicate that he wants to know what you’ve been through and why. Never talk about other men on the first date, but don’t talk about other negatives and utterly useless situations. If you want to discuss anything, figure out what he’s into and try asking him about sports. If you have no idea what’s going on in the sports world pick up sports guides for women and check out ESPN and Sports Illustrated so you can get in on the know.

Your Other Fatal Mistake…


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