Best Laptops of 2011 – Research Before You Buy

There are a wide variety of laptop computers to choose from in 2011. Here are some of the more popular models.

Acer AS5742-7120 at under $800 made the top five lists as well, why/cost effective, great customer support and few problems reported according to consumer reports.

Compaq Presario CQ56-110Us at right around $500 hp pavilion ryzen 5  this laptop is very affordable, has a 5 hour battery life and is rated 5 out of 5 stars by the folks that bought one and use it everyday! According to consumer reports Compaq has really become a contender by producing quality products that are affordable.

Toshiba Satellite L655-S5107 is the little sister to the other Toshiba Satellite that made the top five lists. Great customer support and affordability has put this laptop on the map. You can snag one for under $700!

There are probably many more laptops that can be rated as best laptop on the market, but they did not make the list because not enough folks rated them or they are simply not as well known. The bottom line is if you purchase a laptop that works for you than that has become the best laptop to you.

Laptops are usually rather a personal choice, but you can use the best laptops lists as a guidance tool if you are in the market for a new laptop. They give you an idea of what is working for folks that have already purchased them.

Laptops have come way down in price which makes them much more affordable for most people, as you can tell from the best laptops listed paying more does not necessarily mean you are going to get better quality or service. The 5 best laptops listed for 2011 vary in price by more than $1500 that is a huge variance.


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