Basic Mistakes to be Avoided in Web Designing

While web designing you need to sure that the web site should be appropriate to locate information ad navigation. It is a good practice to achieve the set of links in the top as well as bottom, it is often far more convenient for the users to just go to the required links in case the are towards the bottom of the page rather than the case whereby they have to scroll up to the page. It is important that you create good amount of drop down menus so that they need not search much the content that they are planning to search. It is important to consider the fact that the users should not get frustrated and just leave the website, hence it is important to consider the fact that they should find it user-friendly.

Long time to load the pages

The most annoying thing which people find is the long time which takes to load the pages. A survey analysis attests that the most frustrating thing which people find in browsing is the slow packing pages. Visitors never like to wait for the information dark web sites they are looking for rather they will easily skip the page and move about the next search result. These days people look for fast access pages rather than pages which make them wait. High quality graphics and the interactive media videos is one of the causes of slow access of pages. It is known fact that the website will appear more desirable with one of these graphics but what is the use of the graphics which make the people frustrated and make the people skip the sites rather than having a glance at it. Otherwise it is important to note that conveying the images at a lower quality will enable to achieve greater access speed.

Bad color scheme

This is an important area but often an under rated area in the web design. Our primary focus is to make the visitors feel safe and not provok them by the frustrating color mixtures. The website should be designed such that it does not cause any strain on their eyes. It will be good if you have warm and mild colors that compliment each other. Having dark and bright colors like red, yellow or green can drive them move away from the topic and it is important to note you don’t use dark colored text on a dark background; this will reduce the clarity in the website. Ensure that the written text is prominent to see than the background.

Page layout

Consistency is important to note, trying to make each and every page in a different manner can make the navigation difficult. Ensure that all of them have a same and consistent look; it is important to remember that you have a common theme throughout the website and have the key text displayed in the sections that are easy to locate.

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