Are You Looking to Learn Spanish With a Free Online Course?

Its not too uncommon nowadays to be able to find pretty much anything for free online and Spanish learning materials are no exception.

However, many of the offerings you will find online either fall a long way short of being of any real educational value or they just provide a free snippet of information, a teaser if you like, that lead to a full blown sales pitch of a course in miracles the full priced complete course.

There are very few exceptions to this, but if you look long and hard there are certain little gems to help you build a strong foundation for learning Spanish.

If you want to learn Spanish with a free online course then you should look no further than, who provide an excellent 26 week Spanish course completely free. After signing up you will start receiving a lesson each week regular as clockwork, delivered directly to your inbox and if you need help it is always readily available. As well as the course you also receive other free offerings, such as a verb conjugation book and Spanish learning articles which all go a long way to making this the most beneficial free Spanish course online.

Unfortunately, the free course that is provided is a written course and it would benefit greatly from some audio or interactivity to help improve a student’s pronunciation and conversational skills. That being said, for a free course it really is what many people have been looking for in order to cut their teeth before laying out any money purchasing a Spanish Course.

Another option is to check out the BBC’s Spanish language site. This site offers free video lessons taken from the various Spanish language learning programs shown on UK television. These programs, and therefore the videos, are designed to be accompanied by study books that can be purchased from the BBC, but the freely available videos on the website will help with pronunciation and understanding spoken Spanish. Unfortunately, they may not be so beneficial to people wishing to learn Latin American Spanish as they all concentrate on teaching formal Spanish.

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